wild {unknown} friday

You may feel a sense of urgency to break free from entanglements which have kept you mired in powerlessness and hopelessness for too long. You are coming from a dark, confusing place but know that it is possible to soar clear of all that has been holding you back and shackling you, into the clear sky of clarity and freedom. Up, up and away into the clear blue yonder!

wild {unknown} friday

The Three of Swords puts me in mind of an emotional entanglement such as an affair. It is as if three people are bound together in a very painful, tumultuous and confusing situation, and it seems that “three is a crowd”. Although they probably wish they could break free, the emotional ties which bind them together won’t loosen their grip. It is as if they are trapped, suffocated and overwhelmed. The centre of the card is black suggesting that they can’t see a way out of this situation; however the periphery is white which seems to say that there is hope and relief on the horizon.

To me it also speaks of a divorce or separation and the devastating effects this might have on all those involved. This looks like an archetypal ménage a trois situation, where no one is going to emerge unscathed. It could also highlight a familial situation where a child or other innocent party is trapped in the middle between two warring factions. Unfortunately the smallest, most vulnerable sword is the one which is bleeding most profusely, pointing to the fact that the most powerless in these scenarios often come off worst.

Because the suit of swords relates to the mental realm, it has a strong association with the mind-body connection. When we have painful thoughts we feel that pain in our body….hence the word ‘heartbreak’.

This card can therefore speak of the ways in which we create and deepen our pain with thoughts and words. If you are currently experiencing painful thoughts, this card asks you to consider how your thoughts themselves may be exacerbating your struggle.

wild {unknown} friday

  The card for the upcoming week is the Nine of Cups, also known as the “wish card”. 

If you look closely you will see that the cups are arranged in an inverted horseshoe shape, which is traditionally a symbol of good look and prosperity.

The colours graduate from a beautiful serene blue at the bottom of the card, to a gorgeous rosy pink at the top. It puts me in mind of a heavenly sunrise or sunset over a tranquil sea. The colours suggest that everything in the emotional garden is currently rosy and relationships, either familial or romantic are going through a settled and harmonious phase. 

If you notice the cups all look full and they are stable and solid rather than teetering on slender stems that may topple over or snap at any moment. In this way they likely mirror a relationship which is rock solid and built on strong foundations. It may not be in the first flush of romance and trying to impress with grand gestures and flashy, extravagant gifts, but it does have the advantage of having moved on to the next level of quiet comfort, warmth and support. This is probably a relationship that you can rely on and trust to be there for you.

So, the romance may have paled somewhat, and perhaps sometimes you look at others and wish that your partner still showered you with gifts and that you were still in the exciting and intoxicatingly first flush of love? However, “be careful what you wish for” as outward appearances can be deceptive, and it is likely that your partnership although it may not be perfect, is the real deal.

Earth Spirit Blog Post ~ Lammas

The festival of Lammas marks the peak of Summer and the first grain harvest. The first harvest is now being gathered in. This is the food which will sustain us through the cold dark days of winter and provide seed to be planted in spring for next years harvest. We are also starting to see the first fruits of the harvest…..the fruits of our labours. Some trees such as Rowan are yielding bright red berries. Brambles also show ripening fruit, as do apple and pear trees. In this day and age, when food is mass produced and imported from all around the world, it is easy to lose touch with the natural cycle of things. 

Lammas is a time for feasting and play. As the Sun’s energy begins to wane it is appropriate to give thanks for the active growth period which has given rise to such bounty. It is once again time to turn our focus of attention inwards in order to assimilate and understand on a deeper level what we have manifested. Are we starting to see the desires we held at the start of the year beginning to unfold?
This festival is also a traditional time to hold horse fairs and horse racing in honour of Rhiannon – Horse Goddess of the Underworld.
Following are some activities associated with the festival of Lammas which you may like to participate in…..
•Gather with friends, light a fire or barbecue and celebrate, staying up until dawn
•Bake bread, biscuits or cakes to honour the grain harvest
•Appreciate our abundance of food and remember all those in the world who are suffering through lack of food. 
•Try and see your life in a positive light and count your blessings 
•Ask everyone to bring something for a basket of abundance and then donate it to a local homeless shelter or food bank
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wild {unknown} friday

 The card I drew today from The Wild Unknown is the Six of Cups. This card seems to hark back to a much richer and rosier past. The tangle of multicoloured roots seem to suggest that when we look back with nostalgia, things seem more vibrant and exciting. However, when we don our rose tinted specs sometimes we can have a distorted and skewed vision of what came before, making the present seem dull and lack lustre in comparison. Especially if we had a happy and contented early life, it can seem as if some of the shine is being taken off as we age. Nothing seems as fresh or new anymore and we become jaded and cynical. 
However, what we must remember is that all any of us has is the “now”, and if we spend all our time wishing to be transported back to a magical and mythical time of the past, we are in danger of completely missing our present and future. 
Of course it’s great to look back on the happy memories of the past; just not so great if we get trapped there and waste the opportunity to make more awesome memories in the here and now. 
If after careful and realistic consideration you genuinely believe that all your best times are behind you, then it’s time to reintegrate some of the people, places and activities that used to bring you joy! Think about some of your former passions and how you can reincorporate them into your life today. Start making new memories that you can look back on with warm, fuzzy feelings in years to come.
Until next week
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wild {unknown} friday

Be careful who you get into bed with today (metaphorically speaking or even literally!) as it could lead to you having to make considerable compromises which don’t sit well with how you wish to live your life. 

Partnerships formed with the wrong people for the wrong reasons will almost certainly come back to bite you in the future. Don’t allow yourself to form alliances which result in you giving your power away and becoming beholden and dependant on others. You may find that you have allowed someone to ‘hold your feet to the fire’ and that it is almost impossible to claw back this advantage they have over you at a later stage when you realise just what a huge compromise you have been required to make. The Devil can often see you trapped in a situation of your own making, unable to free yourself.